Geoffrey the handfish.

Geoffrey the handfish.

Character sketches for ‘King of the Jungle’ 2014

Character sketches for ‘King of the Jungle’ 2014

King of the Jungle - Early Character Designs

Plasticine busts of my characters. I’ll pretend they are for drawing reference, but really i just like playing with plasticine…

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Character designs and alternatives for Karl Ove Knausgaard

Karl Ove Knausgaard Character Design 

SloMoJac from JAC Clinch on Vimeo.

I didn’t know my face could do this. It has surpassed my expectations of horror.

Tony the Tiger

Tony the Tiger

The beginning of my career as a Voice actor. Cheers Jez


The final version of my FMP for second year. The idea of the project is about how I talk to myself when I’m stuck in coming up with an idea, which in turn helps me find a solution…

The use of repeating the same 6 words throughout the animation was to attempt to:

1. Establish the problem ‘Being stuck on the blank page’

2. Progress in losing my mind and almost talk giberish ‘Stuck page on the blank being’.

3. Find a solution for the original problem ‘Page being stuck on the blank’ (Page being the idea and blank being the emptiness of the sketchbook) 

If this isn’t the start of insanity then I’m not sure what is! 

Special thanks to Jac Clinch for the voice acting!

ONE WAY from JAC Clinch on Vimeo.

Ever been stuck in a one way conversation?